Colombia Office

C.I. Bulk Trading Suramerica Sas

With coal production in Colombia reaching approximately 85.5 million tonnes in 2013, and with a strategic location near to major export terminals, the country is gearing up to become one of the most dynamic players in the Pacific Basin. Its products, predominantly steam coal, are mostly exported to the US, European and Mediterranean markets.
For this reason, since 2006, Bulk Trading has had offices in both Bogotá and Cúcuta, an industrial city in the area north of Santander, at the heart of a region rich in coffee, oil and minerals.
In these two offices, the company can both take advantage of a major transport hub and work with various mining companies to develop their activities, as well as improving the procurement system and increasing coal production.

With this aim in mind, Bulk Trading has invested in various mining proyects in the Cúcuta and Boyaca regions, seeking to increase production and the amount of coal exported for use by the iron and steel industry. The company’s focus in Colombia is undoubtedly extraction, giving Bulk Trading access to both thermal and coking coal, and allowing the company to invest in even more specific assets that will lead to increased production of met coke.


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