Headquarter offices

Bulk Trading SA in Lugano, Switzerland

The company’s headquarters is located in Lugano (Switzerland). From here, Bulk Trading both monitors market trends and movements across the world and coordinates its various branches, ensuring everything runs smoothly. The company’s strategic operations are all based in Lugano, comprising the management department (including the board of directors, shareholders and other management bodies), the commercial and finance and administration departments and the shipping division. The Lugano office is also home to the risk management and compliance departments, which use hedging operations through financial derivatives to optimise the physical flow of goods and protect the interests of buyers.

Specifically, this office is responsible for:

  • Acting as a decision-making centre, defining the group’s strategy through periodic meetings and constant monitoring of the market.
  • All back-office activities.
  • Managing the trading of all products through the trading desks.
  • Providing financial support to the entire group thanks to strong, long-established relationships with the leading Swiss banks at both a national and international level.
  • Managing marine transportation through the shipping and chartering departments.
  • Managing the administrative side of all the company’s transactions across the world, ensuring all orders are delivered in full through the operations department.
  • Monitoring and accessing relevant markets for financial hedging operations and to optimise the entire group’s order portfolio.


Piazza Molino Nuovo, 17
6900 Lugano

Phone.: +41 (0)91 611 51 30
Fax: +41 (0)91 611 51 37
E-mail: info@bulktrading.ch